Kama Terms of Use

These terms apply to your access and use of the Kama website at www.kama.co.

If you are looking for the terms that apply to your use of the Kama mobile app, please read the Kama Terms of Service instead. Please note that no sale of products or services takes place on our website.

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Accessing our website

We reserve the right to suspend the operation of our website at any time. We may also restrict access to some parts of our website to users who have registered with us.


We want to ensure that our website is as accessible as possible. If you’ve any difficulties using our website, please let us know by emailing hi@kama.co.

Changes to our website

We update our website regularly and may change the content at any time.

Copyright and intellectual property

All copyright and other intellectual property rights in our website and its content (including logos, illustrations, text and videos) belong to us or our licensors. Unless we say otherwise, all rights are reserved. If you’re in any doubt about whether you can use anything on our website, please contact us for clarification.

External links

We have no control over, and don’t accept any responsibility for, the content of any third party website. If we link to any third party website, this doesn’t mean that we endorse or recommend the organisation which operates it.

Linking to content on our website

You can create links to any content on our website, however you mustn’t do so in any way which is misleading or suggests any relationship between us where one doesn’t exist. We’re not obliged to notify you if any content you’ve linked to has been updated, moved or deleted.


If you need a username or password to access any part of our website you agree to: ensure that any details provided to us are accurate; keep your username or password confidential; and let us know promptly if you believe that your username or password has been compromised. We may terminate your access to any password-protected areas of our website at any time, if we believe that your use of our website is affecting the security and stability of our website or is detrimental to other users.

Reliance on content

Our website, and content published on it, is for information purposes only. Your use of any content on this website does not create any relationship of physician or therapist and patient.

We don’t accept any liability or responsibility of any nature, arising from any reliance placed by you or anyone else on the content published on our website. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we exclude our liability for direct, indirect or consequential loss.