Practice makes pleasure

Kama is an app that combines modern science and ancient wisdom into daily
sexual wellness practices designed by experts. We provide knowledge for all
bodies to become better lovers, no matter their age, sexuality or gender.
Join us and start having sex in your body, not in your head.

What is Kama?

Daily Guides
for Sexual


A new practice every day.
A daily practice is the best way to build new neural pathways and boost your sexual and pleasure potential. Kama practices are part of The Kama Method, created in collaboration with our panel of in-house experts for long term wellness and health benefits.

The Science


Collaboration and expertise.
In order to create the practices and lectures that you will discover with Kama, we have brought together scientists and experts from a broad spectrum of disciplines that combine neuro-plasticity, psychosexual, somatic therapy, and ancient wisdom.

A Community
of Sexual


Learning from each other.
Sexuality is one of the most under-researched areas of our health. It is therefore by sharing our personal experiences that we can get more understanding and compassion for each other. Check our Instagram for live events, conversations with experts and community discussions.

Introducing The Kama Method

The Kama Method is designed by experts to boost your sexual wellbeing. Using five key elements of the physical and emotional body, the Kama Method will open and connect your mind, body and heart for increased sensations and deep transformation.

Somatic (Physical)


1 Breath

The breath is our most powerful sex tool. The same is true for all athetes, musicians and performers: Our breath is key to unlock our full potential. By expanding and contracting our breath and by using deep, intentional breathing, we can put our nervous system in a state of relaxed arousal; the foundation for mind-blowing sex and more fullfiling orgasms.


2 Motion

Optimising our own technology.
Nowadays, most of our everyday movements are linear. Sadly, this means that we are not optimising our body’s natural design. A seated culture means our pelvic floor atrophies throughout our lives. The Kama Method offers practices that are designed to let energy flow freely to resensitise our body towards more sensations.


3 Touch

Touch is an essential part of our emotional balance. It is responsible for releasing oxytocin, also called the ‘trust and love hormone’. Our fingers have valuable neuro-transmitters which can communicate vast amounts of information to the brain. This is why learning how to give and receive touch with intention can release tension and anxiety, and shift pain to pleasure.

Psycho (Emotional)


4 Desire

Desire is how we make sense of reality. This is why it is essential for our wellbeing to connect to what we are called to, rather than what we think we want. It is through a sense of curiosity and playfulness that we can connect deeply with our desires and experience more fulfilling lives.


5 Heart

More than muscle. The heart is an energetic center with its own bio-electromagnetic field. It’s in direct communication with our entire body. By practising heart coherence — inducing a synchronised heartbeat with a partner or directing love and warmth from our heart to our genitals — the sexual expression of our thoughts, actions and intentions align to ignite our erotic intelligence.

"The Kama Method has helped me reconnect with my body, reawaken areas that had become numb, and experience lovemaking in a new way, feeling a much deeper connection with my partner."


“I compare using the Kama app to my gym subscription. It makes up for my lack of sex education growing up, and gives me the power back to learn about myself and my body.”


"I’m forever grateful to Kama for guiding me to experience my first G-spot orgasm within a day of practising the Kama Breath and Kama Push. Despite thinking I already knew quite a lot about my sexuality and pleasure, I’ve learnt so much about my body that was previously completely unknown to me by expanding my mind when it comes to pleasure."


“I’ve never seen anything like Kama. It’s incredibly accessible, with profound information that is relevant to every human being on earth. I’m so grateful for discovering something like this. I have experienced new types of orgasms and been able to expand pleasure in new ways"


“I feel like society and pornography create distance and strange expectations, and the Kama app is one of the only things I’ve seen that’s trying to overcome this and offer something different. It’s introducing people to a different approach to mindfulness, through conscious sexuality.”


“Since completing the Kama Method, my level of pleasure has increased tenfold. I feel new sensations everywhere inside and my orgasms are super powerful and long, unlike the short peak orgasms I had before. Kama really works.”


Why Kama?

In 2019, the World Association of Sexual Health declared pleasure a human right.

Yet around the world, sexuality and pleasure remain taboo. At Kama, we want to evolve the conversation around sexuality and intimacy to build a space of positivity, openness and acceptance.

We believe that Kama is the missing link in our collective understanding of sexual wellness. It’s never too late to start learning.

“Neuroscience shows that we have the capacity to shift our behaviours by exercising our brain’s plasticity.”

“We see a unique opportunity to design a new culture for sexuality that is current, open, and based on acceptance and individuality.”

Kama is for Every Body

Unlike most mindfulness products on the market today that focus on the brain to create balance, the Kama Method offers a unique approach that combines body, mind and heart as a way to help us get out of our heads, reconnect with ourselves and others, and explore our pleasure potential.

The Kama Method is for anyone and everyone. If you have a body, it is for you. If you are in a relationship, have been married for decades or are exploring pleasure alone, it is for you. If you have ever felt like your body doesn’t belong to you anymore, or even if your sexuality isn’t something you are focusing on at the moment, it is for you.

More than a business, Kama is a social movement aimed at turning the biggest taboo into a positive conversation by building a diverse and engaged community.


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