Pleasure is health

Kama offers Mindful Sex practices for all bodies,
regardless of age, sexuality, or gender. Our mission is to
improve how you experience love, sex, and intimacy.
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Get the Pleasure Edit

Our essential newsletter on sexual wellbeing

Get the Pleasure Edit

Our essential newsletter on sexual wellbeing

Practice makes pleasure

Practice makes pleasure

Daily exercises to maximise your orgasmic potential.

Practice makes pleasure

Backed by science

Educational content created with our panel of experts.

Practice makes pleasure

Mindful intimacy

Master your mind, body, and heart with Kama.

"The Kama Method has helped me reconnect with my body, reawaken areas that had become numb, and experience lovemaking in a new way, feeling a much deeper connection with my partner."


“I compare using the Kama app to my gym subscription. It makes up for my lack of sex education growing up, and gives me the power back to learn about myself and my body.”


"I’m forever grateful to Kama for guiding me to experience my first G-spot orgasm within a day of practising the Kama Breath and Kama Push. Despite thinking I already knew quite a lot about my sexuality and pleasure, I’ve learnt so much about my body that was previously completely unknown to me by expanding my mind when it comes to pleasure."


“I’ve never seen anything like Kama. It’s incredibly accessible, with profound information that is relevant to every human being on earth. I’m so grateful for discovering something like this. I have experienced new types of orgasms and been able to expand pleasure in new ways"


“I feel like society and pornography create distance and strange expectations, and the Kama app is one of the only things I’ve seen that’s trying to overcome this and offer something different. It’s introducing people to a different approach to mindfulness, through conscious sexuality.”


“Since completing the Kama Method, my level of pleasure has increased tenfold. I feel new sensations everywhere inside and my orgasms are super powerful and long, unlike the short peak orgasms I had before. Kama really works.”



Introducing The Kama Method

The Kama Method is designed by our in-house experts to boost your sexual wellbeing and unlock your pleasure. Using five key elements of the body, we will help you to open and connect your mind, body, and heart for life-changing sexual experiences.

Somatic (Physical)


1 Breath

The breath is our most powerful sex tool. It is impossible to have incredible sex without first mastering the breath. By breathing deeply and with intention, we allow ourselves to reach a state of deep relaxation. This is the foundation for reaching mind-blowing orgasms.


2 Motion

Optimising our own intelligent design. Our bodies are naturally designed for circular movements, which help us experience greater pleasure during sex. Nowadays, our everyday movements have become more linear and our sedentary culture means our pelvic floors are increasingly unhappy. Kama’s practices help energy flow more freely throughout our bodies to increase sexy sensations.


3 Touch

Touch is essential to our emotional wellbeing. Touch is what makes our bodies release oxytocin, also known as the ‘trust and love’ hormone. Our fingers are filled with neurotransmitters which can communicate vast amounts of information to the brain - this is why learning how to give and receive touch can release tension and anxiety, bringing us so much more pleasure.

Psycho (Emotional)


4 Desire

Desire is how we make sense of reality. Desires should not be ignored. It is essential for our wellbeing to connect to our true desires, rather than what we think we should want. With curiosity and playfulness, we can experience more fulfilling sex lives.


5 Heart

More than muscle. The heart is an energetic centre which is in direct communication with the entire body. We can use this connection to direct love and warmth from our heart to our genitals, igniting our erotic intelligence.

“The Kama Method works with the body’s natural design to build new neural-pathways for deep states of relaxation, sensuality, pleasure and orgasm. The result is becoming a masterful lover, for yourself and others.”

Aaron Michael

“It’s through deepening our sensual and somatic awareness of our body that we unlock our full pleasure potential.”

Dr. Saida Désilets

“Kama is creating an opportunity for individuals to harness the amazing technology of their own bodies in the safety of their own home so that they may begin their own neuroplastic healing process. It’s time for us to move out of theory and into embodiment so that we may know acceptance, self-worth, and self-love from the inside out.”

Lisa Wimberger

“Pleasure is our birth right and has its own unique sound print. I want to live in a world where we can sound our pleasure freely and create harmony and connection. Kama brings all of this to life, offering learning, growth and support. The world needs more of this!”


Why Kama?

In 2019, the World Association of Sexual Health declared pleasure a human right.

And yet, sexuality and pleasure are often still taboo subjects. At Kama, we want to open up the conversation and build a space of positivity and acceptance.

We believe that Kama is the missing link to a fulfilling sexual education, but that it is never too late to start learning.

“Neuroscience shows that we have the capacity to shift our behaviours by exercising our brain’s plasticity.”

“We see a unique opportunity to design a new culture for sexuality that is current, open, and based on acceptance and individuality.”

Kama is for every body

The Kama Method is for anyone and everyone. If you have a body, Kama is for you. Whether you are in a relationship or are exploring pleasure alone, Kama is for you. Our unique approach combines body, mind, and heart in order to help us reconnect with ourselves and others. More than a method, Kama is a social movement aimed at transforming the conversation around sex and intimacy by building a community of sexual explorers.


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