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All Bodies

Kama Stories: Share & Tell

Saturday February 27
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With Aaron & Chloe

February 27
Kama Stories: Share & Tell
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Join us for an open conversation about sex, pleasure, intimacy, and love. Featuring YOUR stories and others from the Kama community!

About this Event

Kama is incredibly excited to announce our special guest for this month's Kama Share & Tell: Caggie Dunlop!

Caggie grew up in London, and at the age of 21 starred in the television show ‘Made in Chelsea’. Since then, she has embarked on a journey of self-discovery in a quest to find her authentic self, focusing largely on her love of storytelling through music, acting, writing and now podcasting.

Caggie is now the host of top Spirituality podcast Saturn Returns. Based on the idea of ‘Saturn Returns’ (your cosmic coming-of-age), the podcast focuses on times of transition, providing tools and answers for those navigating the seas of change. She is currently writing her debut book, which is set to be published in Spring 2022.

Nowadays, we need connection with others and ourselves more than ever, but oftentimes, we forget that pleasure comes first from within our own selves. Whether you are in lockdown with a partner or not, now is the perfect time to introduce a new era of sex education – one that utilises and puts your pleasure first. Let’s make sex, whether solo or partnered, an outlet for reaching a healthier, happier mind.

F**k in February is about silliness, simplicity, and having fun. So much has been difficult recently, and so this is a reminder from us to flip that script once in a while – safely, compassionately, and in a way that will make sex new to you again.

MON 22 FEB: Kama is hosting a workshop around oral sex and fingering. This class is a 101 on finding the sweet spot in your sex life. Join us in learning how to use your entire body during foreplay, get into rhythm with a partner, and ensure that everybody gets their most pleasure out of sex. Our guidance will be gentle, experimentative, and inclusive to all bodies!

WED 24 FEB: How can we have sex so good that we’d want to do it for hours…? This is a loaded question and we’re ready to walk you through the answers. Everything from energetic lovemaking, dirty talk, penetrative position, and more – this workshop is going to add a spark to your time in the bedroom. Again, this event is open to all bodies and relationship statuses.

FRI 26 FEB: Our last Share & Tell event in January was a nonstop conversation about porn, squirting, spirituality, and dating apps. We heard inspiring stories from Grace, Lacey, and Tugce, but we’re now opening up the floor to everyone else! If Kama has touched your life or if you’ve found pleasure in your ongoing journey, please email to get involved.

(JUST ANNOUNCED) SUN 28 FEB: Back by popular demand, we're hosting another one of our beloved guided self-pleasure session. We're setting the scene for you to enjoy a live masturbation webinar (yup, you read that right), with your cameras off and your pants off. We'll be focusing on both external and internal pleasure. The session will also be accompanied by a beautiful live sound bath to encourage slow touch and soft pleasure. This event is for people with vulvas.

Disclaimer: Free community events (like this Share & Tell series) will be live-only and recordings will NOT be made available to the public due to the intimate nature of those willing to share.

Everything we do here at Kama is rooted in education, accessibility, and awareness. For all event-related inquiries, please contact

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Our Experts

What our experts say

“The Kama Method works with the body’s natural design to build new neural-pathways for deep states of relaxation, sensuality, pleasure and orgasm. The result is becoming a masterful lover, for yourself and others.”

Aaron MichaelAaron Michael

“It’s through deepening our sensual and somatic awareness of our body that we unlock our full pleasure potential.”

Dr. Saida DésiletsDr. Saida Désilets

“Kama is creating an opportunity for individuals to harness the amazing technology of their own bodies in the safety of their own home so that they may begin their own neuroplastic healing process. It’s time for us to move out of theory and into embodiment so that we may know acceptance, self-worth, and self-love from the inside out.”

Lisa WimbergerLisa Wimberger

“Pleasure is our birth right and has its own unique sound print. I want to live in a world where we can sound our pleasure freely and create harmony and connection. Kama brings all of this to life, offering learning, growth and support. The world needs more of this!”


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