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How to Give a Testicle Massage

How to Give a Testicle Massage

While there are certain body parts and sex acts that seem to get all the attention, testicles often hang alone (pun intended).

But there’s no need to avoid the area. In fact, done right, testicle massage can be a very pleasurable experience. It’s also full of potential health benefits.

That said, the testicles are very sensitive, so learning the do’s and don’ts of how to massage them in order to avoid pain is key.

In this article, we’re going to explore the benefits of testicle massage for both health and pleasure. We’ll also provide practical tips for how to give a testicle massage to a partner with a penis, or to yourself, and answer some common questions along the way.

Table of Contents

  • How testicle massage can lead to increased pleasure (and reduce pain)
  • What are the potential biological health benefits of testicle massage?
  • How to give a testicle massage that both parties enjoy
  • How to incorporate testicle massage in delaying or speeding up orgasm
  • Do men like it soft or rough?
  • Wrapping up

How testicle massage can lead to increased pleasure (and reduce pain)

While many people and traditions have long touted the benefits of testicle massage, the practice has its roots in ancient Taoist tradition.

The Complete System of Self-Healing: Internal Exercises, written by the Former President of the Chinese Medicine Research Institute in San Francisco, California, details how thousands of years ago, Taoist sages observed the strong sexual and reproductive abilities of deer.

In doing so, they hypothesised that there may be a correlation between a deer’s sexual abilities and their seemingly constant health. The fact that they lived long and flourishing lives, they hypothesised, may be correlated to sexual and reproductive competence.

They sought to apply their observations to human behaviour. They wanted to see if they could intentionally redirect their own sexual energy (just like deer seem to do) in order to:

  • Gain more control over sexual experiences
  • Reach multiple orgasms
  • Achieve longer lasting orgasms
  • Elevate sperm counts to theoretically improve fertility and conception probabilities
  • Increase blood circulation to sustain longer erections

When regularly incorporated into your sexual repertoire, testicle massage is a useful tool for increasing your ejaculatory choice by delaying or speeding up orgasm, and relieving the pain of blue balls. See more on those below.

What are the potential biological health benefits of testicle massage?

While the perceived health benefits of testicle massage seemed great to the Taoists, modern studies on the potential health benefits of testicle massage are under-researched and thus somewhat inconclusive.

Let’s explore each in a bit more detail.

Increased blood circulation

Just as a body massage helps blood move through congested areas, testicular massage is said to improve blood circulation. And better blood flow down there can help you get and sustain erections and avoid pain.

Our in-house sex educator and coach, Aaron, shares how raising and lowering the testes through massage affects blood flow:

  • When a lot of blood flows to the testicles it makes them rise, meaning they are closer to ejaculation
  • When blood flows away from the testicles, they lower, thus elongating the time to ejaculation

Aaron explains the practice of raising and lowering the testes in order to increase blood flow to maximise pleasure and reduce pain in more detail:

“The more that we can actually promote the raising and lowering of the testicles, the more blood flow is going to naturally be able to both enter and exit. So, the more that you can move your pelvic floor, the more you can lower and raise your testicles, thus the more easily blood flow will have access to go in and out. This means you can actually do things like have sex for longer periods of time and choose not to ejaculate or worry about pain from blue balls.”

Higher sperm count

While sperm count is influenced by many factors, many blog posts on testicle massage say that the practice can activate sperm production.

Yet, there are also genetic, dietary, and lifestyle factors that contribute to sperm count. Should the count increase, it may be difficult to pinpoint the cause of elevation with so many variables present.

Thus, while studies don’t prove that testicle massage increases sperm count outright, if that’s your goal, it certainly can’t hurt to incorporate it into your routine.

Spotting the signs of testicular cancer

When it comes to symptom spotting, it is important to be aware of some tell-tale signs of testicular cancer. Of course, every body is different, but the more you’re acquainted with your own testes, the more likely you will be to spot abnormalities.

According to Mayo Clinic, some signs and symptoms of testicular cancer include:

  • A lump or enlargement in either testicle
  • A feeling of heaviness in the scrotum
  • A dull ache in the abdomen or groin
  • A sudden collection of fluid in the scrotum
  • Pain or discomfort in a testicle or the scrotum
  • Enlargement or tenderness of the breasts
  • Back pain

Getting to know your testicles and scrotum through touch and massage can be a pleasurable way to learn the landscape of your body and what’s “normal” for you.*

*If you think you may be experiencing any symptoms or signs of testicular cancer, we advise you seek guidance from a medical professional.

How to give a testicle massage (that both parties enjoy)

Now that we’ve covered the benefits and explored some practices to prolong or speed up ejaculation, let’s talk about how to actually give a testicle massage from start to finish.

Here are a few things to consider before you get going.

Use lube

Before you tug or stroke anything, we recommend using lubricant. After all, the testicles are a sensitive area and massaging directly on the skin can cause friction and discomfort.

Use a gentle, organic lube like jojoba or coconut oil to reduce the chance of irritation.

Disclaimer: If you use a massage oil and are planning to participate in condom-protected sex, be aware that oil-based lubes could degrade the latex.

Before applying lube to a partner’s scrotum, rub your hands together so they’re warm to the touch.

Explore the area first

Especially if it’s your first time trying testicle massage on yourself or a partner, it’s best to make your way to the area gradually. This is true in most sex activities, as foreplay stimulates arousal and boosts sexual energy.

Using your tongue or fingers, gently stroke and explore the inner thighs, pelvic area, perineum, and even the penis before making your way to the testicles.

Communicate with your partner

Whenever you’re trying something new with a sexual partner, it’s best to make sure you both feel safe and comfortable communicating. It’s especially important to have a way to articulate pain to your partner as soon as possible.

If you’re giving the massage, start slowly and consider telling your partner what you plan to do next, giving them the opportunity to respond. Ask for affirmation when moving faster or slower or loosening or tightening your grip to ensure you’re still in sync with their pleasure.

4 ways to find your pleasure points while giving a testicle massage

Once you’re ready to move to the main event, there are a few different approaches you can take:

1. Focus on individual testicles

Beginning with one side, tug the testicle down away from the other and gently massage it between your thumb and index finger.

During this warm up, check in with your partner regarding how far down you want to pull the testicle and how much pressure you want to apply in your massage.

After about a minute, switch to the other testicle and repeat as desired.

2. Focus on the scrotum

Just as you can pull the testicles down one by one, you can also tug down on the scrotum.

Using your index finger and thumb to move around the top of the scrotum in a circular motion and gently pull down. Stretch both testicles down with one hand, hold for several seconds, then release.

Some might also enjoy a quicker pumping motion here. You can also gently massage the centre of the scrotum, between the testicles, using your thumb, middle finger, and index finger.

3. Try tapping

While you may want to start with gentle tugging and massaging, some people may find pleasure in tapping on the testicles. Use your index finger to make quick, successive taps on the testicles (this is definitely an area where you’ll want to start softly).

4. Incorporate the Kama Tug with the Kama Push

To work in tandem with your partner to delay orgasm and develop sexual agility, combine the Kama Tug (described below) with the Kama Push practice.

  • Have your partner inhale and push down on their pelvic floor (as if they are increasing their urinary stream), while you gently lower their testicles
  • Then, have your partner exhale and squeeze the pelvic floor (as if stopping their urinary stream), while you gently raise their testicles

This should work to delay orgasm, increase pleasure, and help you become more aware of internal sensations.

Things to avoid while giving a testicle massage

While everyone has different tastes and preferences, we do have some tips for what you’ll generally want to avoid when performing a testicle massage.

  • Never twist the testicles
  • Remove rings or chunky bracelets
    The first sign of pain for most people registers in thin lines around the eyes (crow’s feet). If you see crow’s feet, stop.
  • If you have testicles and feel this is a place that is painful to have touch, self-touch before allowing a partner down there. Avoid having a partner explore for you if you are worried your scrotum is hypersensitive.

How to incorporate testicle massage to increase ejaculatory choice

Testicle massage can be used as part of Taoist practices that allow us more control of our sexual abilities.

Curb premature ejaculation through edging

One of the best parts of testicle massage is that it can help with the timing of ejaculation— allowing you to either expedite or slow down climax.

Edging or the “start-stop” practice is the method of deliberately delaying orgasm in order to make sex last longer.

It involves intentionally increasing and decreasing blood flow by raising and lowering the testicles. Testicle massage can be one component of the edging technique.

To practice the edging technique:

  • Bring yourself (or a partner) to the brink of orgasm through testicle massage and/or stimulating the penis
  • Then pull back and stop all stimulation
  • Repeat as desired

You may need to only stop for a few seconds, or up to a few minutes, depending on your body’s unique reaction.

Once blood flows away from the testicles, you can stimulate the penis and balls again to allow blood to rush back in.

Repeat the process for as long as you want, or until you can no longer control the urge to ejaculate.

Speed up orgasm

There are many reasons why someone would want to speed up an orgasm.

One of the most common is for their partner’s pleasure. If sex has gone on for too long to be pleasurable or comfortable for the other person involved, it is important to know how to speed up an orgasm.

Additionally, once you experience epididymal hypertension (or blue balls), the buildup of blood around the testicles during arousal which can cause aching if orgasm is not reached, you’ll likely want to orgasm quickly to alleviate pain.

To climax more quickly, gently push the testicles upward toward the body. This increases blood flow and speeds up ejaculation.

If you are experiencing blue balls and pushing the testicles toward the body isn’t relieving your pain, a deeper testicle massage can help redistribute blood flow.

Elongate time to orgasm

Similar to edging, the Kama Tug practice, designed by our team of sexual wellness and health experts, helps to elongate the time to orgasm.

As testicles rise before ejaculation occurs, pulling them down can help you control when your body reaches orgasm.

It’s a simple two-step practice:

  1. First, make a ring grip around the testicles
  2. Then, gently extend them down and away from the body (this works to stretch out your cremaster muscles, making the semen no longer available to the body for ejaculation)

By the time you finally do allow yourself to reach orgasm, it may last longer (and be more powerful) due to this technique.

If you find that it’s difficult to slow down during sex (because it feels too good), make sure to communicate to a partner how to do this practice before you begin.

This way, during the act, they can reach around and perform the Kama Tug when they see you getting close to orgasm and stop you before it’s too late.

If you’re masturbating, another technique is to stroke out and away from the body to lengthen the penis. This works to reverse the natural motor reflex of the penis coming towards the body (which is a sign that you’re about to ejaculate) and prolongs time to orgasm.

Do men like it soft or rough with the testicles?

One of the most common questions on this topic asked by people who don’t have penises is how soft or rough they should treat the testicles.

As with just about any other sex-related topic, it’s important to remember that preferences differ from person to person. Communication is paramount here, and the best person to ask is the person whose testicles you are massaging.

Typically, however, it’s best to begin slowly and softly rather than starting at fast and rough. Once you’ve established a baseline and your partner is comfortable, you can experiment with different frequencies and tensions.

Another common question is whether to incorporate sex toys with testicle massage. A bullet or finger vibrator or vibrating cock ring can add stimulation to be a pleasurable experience for some bodies (and too much for others).

We recommend starting with your hands (and tongue, if you’d like) and introducing toys only if and when both partners are interested and ready.

Wrapping up

Testicle massage is an act with many potential health benefits and can be very pleasurable for people with penis bodies.

That said, the testicles are sensitive, which can cause sexual partners to avoid the area altogether. Hopefully, with open communication and our top tips, you now feel ready to explore testicle massage with yourself or a partner.

By Kama